The very first thing you need to understand before starting your journey in becoming a cuckold is whether women are naturally capable of becoming a hotwife or is this a totally unnatural thing for a woman. Knowing this will drastically change your approach to the whole idea of cuckolding.

Through evolutionary process that happened over millions of years, women are hardwired to find a reliable partner who will protect her and her offspring.  So as a partner, most women will naturally desire to have one dependable partner who is going to give her the security she needs. Is that a bad news for us cuckolds? Not really!

Just the way women are psychologically designed to find a reliable partner; women are biologically designed to have multiple sexual partners. Again we need to go back to the evolutionary process to understand this. The core idea of having kids for both men and women is to pass the genes to the offspring. So the survivability of the kid gets utmost importance.  The chances were much higher of survivability if a woman gave birth to children with different genetic makeup. We are talking about times when human life was extremely vulnerable to diseases, parasites and natural disasters. So through natural selection, some of the children coming from different genetic background were likely to survive instead of giving birth to children of the same man. It was like all or none and nature doesn’t gamble like that. It goes through a systematic process.

We can conclude two things from all that discussion:

  1. Women desire only one partner, whom she can rely on, as a protector and companion.
  2. Women naturally have the desire to give birth to children of more than one partner.

Now fast forwarding today, even if the desire of having children of different partners is not as strong in many women as it used to be thousands of years ago, most women still naturally desire of having multiple sexual partners. Women are designed to feel sexually attracted to men who seem to be genetically strong and fit. As much they want to conceal it, women still feel that thousand year old raw sexual urge to mate with such genetically strong and alpha male.

So now you can see that becoming a hotwife is such a natural act for most women. It is not that you need to persuade her to do something that is unnatural and she will have to do that for your pleasure against her will. You just need to assure her that you are that reliable guy, you love her and won’t leave her no matter what. This is the hardest part of becoming a cuckold. The rest will happen automatically in its due course. So our first step is going to be to assure her that you truly and genuinely love her.


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