Your wife is perhaps one of the, if not the hottest woman in your eyes. You need to let her know how much you lust after her body and how hot you think she is. The message here has to be how sexually attractive she is, not how amazing of a person she is or how cute she looks. If you have performed the first task, she already knows you love her more than anything. But how much do you lust after her, how much do you desire her sexually is the next important question. This is very important, because if she is sexually not confident with you, it is unlikely she will feel confident and empowered with another man. So you need to open up and let her know exactly which features of hers you admire the most. For example if you like her legs or curves or ass or anything, be vocal about it, let her know how much it turns you on. Let her know you are obsessed about her body. Again, this is perhaps one of the most important steps in turning her into a hotwife, building her confidence is of crucial importance.

Task 2:

For the next 10 days, you are going to admire her body as often as you can, especially before and after sex. Not only words, but let her know and see how turned on you get for her. Also we require you to buy at least one lingerie or a slutty dress for her which she will wear just for you. Make sure to shower her with complements on her looks and figure when she does that.

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