At this stage you will slowly bring up the whole idea of cuckolding and confess your desires to her. This is perhaps the trickiest part among all and almost everything depends on this. Remember, at this stage you are not going to blatantly ask her to become your hotwife and fulfill your cuckolding fantasy.  You will just merely introduce her to the idea of cuckolding and hotwifing. You should follow these steps while you do that.

Step 1: Timing is the key; use your common sense to understand when is the best time to talk about this. You certainly don’t want to bring it up when she is stressed or not in the mood. Perhaps the best timing would be during her ovulation, on a day when she is relaxed, cozy and you two are having some quality bedroom time together.

Step 2:  Don’t go straight to the confession, rather make it a little devious. Say you have read in a magazine or online or heard this from someone you know about this new fantasy, very popular in the couple’s community. Do not use the word cuckolding on the very first time as cuckolding is interpreted differently by different people.  Keep it to hotwifing or voyeurism. For example you can say you heard of this new fantasy where the wife gets all the sexual freedom and the husband stays totally faithful to her and worships her. The husband drives pleasure from his wife’s pleasure and it strengthens the relationship. Let her know that when you heard of this first you didn’t think much of it but now when you think of her being sexually liberated and enjoying her sexuality, you get immensely turned on by that thought. You are not going to suggest anything direct at this stage, do not ask her to make this fantasy a reality or anything. Just keep it as a fantasy; you have only confessed your fantasy and nothing more. You are likely to get a negative response from her, but be positive, stick to the plan and acknowledge her perspective on this, regardless of whether it is positive or negative. Try to understand her and in return she will try to understand you and your fantasy.

Task 3:

For the next ten days, you will bring this fantasy of yours as often as you can while you two are having a private time in the bedroom. Let her know how turned on you get and how much you fall for her even deeper, every time you fantasize this. In addition, we need you to continue the lessons you have learned on task 1 and task 2 which are confessing your love for her as often and letting her know how sexually attractive she is.

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