According to Wikipedia, ‘A cuckold is the husband of an adulterous wife’. In the fetish world, a cuckold is also referred as a Cuck or a Stag. The wife on the other hand is referred as the Hotwife or the Cuckoldress.  A cuckolding relationship is a wife-centric relationship where the hotwife gets all the sexual freedom. She gets to pick the men she wants to play with and her pleasure gets the highest priority whereas the cuckold remains totally loyal and faithful to her. The cuckold puts the pleasure and comfort of the hotwife before his own and drives pleasure from that. This is the key difference between a couple in cuckolding relationship and a couple in open marriage or swinging.

At the very beginning, you need to figure out whether you are confusing your urge to be in an open relationship to that of cuckolding because they are totally different. We would like to make sure that you truly are willing to be a cuckold and not confusing this with some other fetish that you have. We want you to write what cuckolding means to you and what aspects of cuckolding turn you on the most. We want you to be very honest about this and also write this soon after you have ejaculated so that your description is not fabricated by your raw sexual urge.

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