The next important step is to let her know how common this has become and show her the wider acceptance of it among couples. In psychology, this is called the herd behavior. She alone is unlikely to take the stride towards making this a reality as she might think she is the only one to try something so unnatural and the consequences might be dire! However, when she will meet other regular couples who are enjoying this lifestyle and continuing to be a normal happy couple, she will be more interested in giving it a try.

Internet has made it much easier to go out there and meet likeminded couples. There are myriad of websites which can provide a platform for couples to meet new people and also to share their experiences. You can google for such websites but below is a list of top 5 websites in this genre according to us.


Task 6:

For next 2 weeks, try some of these websites, open up an account. Some of them are free and some require a monthly subscription fee. May be buy a one month subscription and open up an account. At this stage, the account will not be used to find potential meet, rather to take a deeper look into this lifestyle. We would suggest you approach couples who are interested in the cuckolding scene. Ask them about their adventures, how it went and how it’s working out for them. Both of you get into the conversation and let her realize that real people are experiencing this and how much excitement it can bring to a couple.

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