We are a happily married couple in our early thirties. We have been together for more than 10 years and we didn’t have any major kink or fetish when we got married. It was the Mr. who first realized he has this cuckolding fetish and how strong the urge was to try this out for real. It took him some time and a lot of convincing to make the Mrs. Indulge into this idea and enjoy fantasizing being a hotwife. It took another few months to actively get involved in some light teasing and naughty games in the bedroom and another few months to have the first ever cuckolding and hotwifing experience.  It has been a wonderful journey since then and we understand each other more than ever before!

As you can see, we have taken our time and not rushed into the lifestyle without giving it enough time and without totally understanding each other and our relationship. That is the first step to a successful relationship that involves a kink as strong as cuckolding. From our experience, we have seen couples who rush into it too early often fail to make it a reality and even if they do, it doesn’t turn into a lifestyle and more of a one off experience which contains regrets.

There are different aspects of this lifestyle and in our case Mr. mostly enjoys being a voyeur and also the jealousy that comes from watching the Mrs. play with another man. And Mrs. Enjoys the sexual liberty, being an exhibitionist and knowing the strong control she has on men around her including the Mr. We are not into humiliation, bisexuality, race play or pregnancy risk but totally respect people who have such fetish, understand where they are coming from and non judgmental about it.

This lifestyle has brought us closer and even though there have been some occasional hiccups, the lifestyle has mostly strengthened our relationship and we have more mutual respect for each other.

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