As discussed earlier in the course, women view a relationship and sex differently than a man does. Now you have already established the fact that you are a provider, you love her unconditionally and won’t leave her no matter what, also the fact that cuckolding is your fetish and how much you want it for real. The next task is for her to ease up with the idea of sleeping with another man. What better way of doing that than doing a bit of roleplay? Try to find out who turns her on the most. That can be someone she knows or some celebrity or even a fictional character. Find that out and you play the role of that individual, get her aroused, and have sex focusing more on her pleasure. Ask her to call you by that name while love making. And you play the role of the bull. Tell her things like ‘oh your husband is watching me fucking his gorgeous wife and he seems to like it very much, he is stroking like a mad man looking at us’ that kind of stuff. In a nutshell play the whole scene how you fantasize it and make her comfortable and familiar with it.

Task 5:

For the next two weeks do this roleplay as often as you can. Make sure you are not irritating her too much though; she might not enjoy it as much as you do but atleast she should not get annoyed. Taking your time and using the common sense is the key.

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