If you haven’t had a taste of the cuckolding experience after the last task, it’s time to take the big step. By now she should be comfortable with the idea of cuckolding. Don’t push her as that might be a deal breaker, but be smart and when the timing is right, when she is relaxed and not stressed, bring the idea of meeting a guy, nothing serious and no pressure but just a regular social meet. She should be ok with the idea of a social meet even if she is shy or nervous to go all the way with the fantasy.

Again, you can take the aid of technology, use the online account you created for the earlier task and you and her both together try to find out few men that she might be interested in.

We stress that the first of these experiments should be with an unknown stranger. Partly because you can maintain discreteness better with a stranger and partly because there won’t be a regret later on if it doesn’t work. However, there are lots of benefits of seeing someone that you both know. So we will leave it to you guys to decide.

The importance of the first meet is so crucial in stepping into this lifestyle. So choose your first partner very carefully. We know many couples who had a bitter experience on the first date and that sort of ruined the interest for good. Pick a guy who is confident, knows the dos and don’ts of the lifestyle, good looking, charming and most importantly someone your wife likes. And on the date night, book a room in a hotel and stay there, even though it will be just a social meet, you should be well prepared.

Task 8:

Take your time and pick a guy for the social meet.

Some useful tips:

  1. If it is a guy from an online site, check their verifications and recommendations left by other people. There are lots of catfishes on these online sites.
  2. Be well dressed and relaxed for the date.
  3. Don’t stress her out about it and make sure she knows well that she is completely in charge and everything will happen at her discretion.

The date should be at a place where she likes to visit. May be at her favorite bar or favorite club or somewhere else that she feels comfortable going to.  If you see that there is chemistry between them, ask her separately if she wants to take things further and you that are completely ok with it. A bit of alcohol certainly helps to ease the nerves.

Even though it will be a social meet, stay at a hotel that night. If things get heavy and the mood is right, you can come back to the hotel and experience the joy of cuckolding for the first time. If however, she is not too adventurous on the first date, you can still come back to the hotel, do a roleplay and have a wild night together!

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