If you have managed to come this far, both of you are very close to having your first cuckold encounter. There is one more step and if this goes well, you will be all set to make this fantasy a reality!!

Visit a swingers club which is fairly popular and has good reviews!

Task 7:

Be properly dressed for the swingers club. Both of you would want to look your best; it is going to boost yours and more importantly, her confidence manifold. Try not to get too stressed about it. Some alcohol can really help calm the nerves.

In most swingers clubs, there is a meet and greet section and then there are the playrooms. We want you to spend more time at the meet & greet section. Mingle with people, socialize, connect with them on a personal level and try to get a better feel of the lifestyle. Let her flirt, let her enjoy some attention. If you feel she is a little shy around you, may be leave her alone for some time, excusing yourself to go to the washroom or some  other pretext.

If she is comfortable with the crowd, go and take a look at the playrooms. You are likely to see some raunchy action. She might be a little shy at first but likely to enjoy the naughty atmosphere if she’s not too stressed.

If you manage to get this bit done on your first visit to the swingers club, consider it a very fun and successful start. However, if both of you feel naughty and comfortable enough; find a room and make love at the club. Most of these clubs have open door policy so it’s likely that other people will watch you. Both of you will enjoy the pure raw excitement!

Now this will be pushing the luck too far and making too much of an expectation, BUT we know and have seen couples, living the fantasy of cuckolding on their first visit at the club. So if it all goes well, both of you are relaxed and if she is in the mood, plus if there is an alpha handsome man she is interested in, it is not unrealistic for her to open her legs for him 😉

Saying that, don’t make your hopes too high on your first visit at the club. You are not there to live the fantasy on the first go, rather to take things a little further. BUT, be prepared as there is a slight chance of your fantasy coming to a reality on that first visit!

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