If things went very smoothly, you probably have been cuckolded by now. If the first date was great but no play involved, may be arrange a play date with him. If first date was ok but the guy was not exactly her cup of tea, look for another man for a date. But if the first date turns out to be a disaster, it might be a bit of a bummer. In that case, take it easy and don’t bring this topic for next several weeks, until she gets comfortable enough to consider another social meet.

Following are some additional tips to make the most out of your first successful play meet.

Play it safe:

Please make sure to play it safe. Safe sex is a must. You don’t want your first experiment to turn into a nightmare. And safe sex will also give you the peace of mind the next day knowing that you haven’t done anything too risky. This can cause a lot of stress and regret the next day if it wasn’t safe sex. We know this from our own experience. You certainly don’t want the stress so play it wise.

Record it:

If possible, with the discretion of her playmate, record the whole thing. You never know, this might be your first and last such experience. But the video will be one hell of a hot memory that you both can contemplate every now and then.

Don’t cum too early:

As much as you have fantasized about it, the first time real experience will be so much different than your expectation. Your mind will go through an emotional rollercoaster. You will feel a fair bit of grief and jealousy and it is quite normal. If you cum too early, these negative feelings will get so much stronger and it won’t be a pleasant thing. So we advice you try not to cum until they are finished.

We hope you managed to live your fantasy and our coaching helped you in this journey. If somehow it didn’t work out for you, our apologies and we wish you good luck for the future. Even if it was a futile attempt, we are certain that if you followed the instructions well, you had a really exciting time all along and these tasks helped to strengthen the bond between you two!

We will really appreciate a quick feedback.

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